Exchange of IT ticket

Please find below the workflow of how to process an exchange of an IT ticket in TCP Exchange.

The second exchange of IT ticket – Initial Information

Open a PNR in TCP Exchange

Expand the ticket


Select exchange and additional options

Add missing ticket data

It is necessary to enter the Fare manually because all ticketing data is copied from the previous ticket/IT ticket where the Fare is not shown. TCP Exchange cannot also read PFC breakdown related to the FX tax because it is missing in the previous ticket. Therefore, PFC must be entered manually as well.

Old and New Fare is displayed

Penalty plus additional options to be selected

Comparison table is shown

Explanation of the Comparison table

Payment and copy options

Required confirmation

Now the ticket can be exchanged, and a new ticket and EMD for penalty issued. Or everything can be stored in PNR and issued later. Then the agent will use TKP to issue the new ticket and EMDI… to issue EMD for penalty.

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