How to open a PNR

Open a PNR via Smartpoint

The quickest way to access TCP Exchange is to use the dedicated icon in Travelport Smartpoint. You can open the current PNR in TCP Exchange by clicking on this icon:

Please add the TCP Exchange icon to your Smartpoint using this installer:

Open a PNR via Browser

To open a PNR in TCP, simply type a Travelport+ Record Locator or passanger's last name in the Search field.

Search by Record locator

Just type the 6-digit Travelport+ Record locator into the Search field and hit Enter.

TCP Exchange retrieves the requested PNR.

Search by Passenger Name

If you do not remember the PNR locator, search by passenger's last name.

  1. Enter the required last name into the Search field:

2. TCP Exchange displays a list of PNRs for that particular last name.

3. Click on the PNR card to display further details and proceed with the ticket exchange.

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