Exchange process

General workflow for ticket exchange in TCP

This article contains a high-level overview of TCP exchange process. Further details about different types of exchanges can be found later in this guide.

1. Retrieve/Open the PNR, validate that it contains the details about originally issued ticket and e-Ticket is still open for use.The itinerary must be modified already (alternative dates and/or flights selected, changes saved)

2. Select the ticket for Exchange/Reissue and select Exchange Option. TCP supports 4 possible scenarios:

Exchange Option


Exchange using new fare quote

TCP fare quotes the new itinerary

Exchange using stored fare quote

TCP uses fare quote for new itinerary already stored in the booking file

Involuntary change

To use in case of involuntary exchanges

Exchange using manual fare quote

Use in cases when it is necessary to store the fare calculation created manually but without using cryptic entries

3. Review fare calculation details and Select Penalty type:

  • EMD

  • To the fare (Q surcharge)

  • Tax

  • No Penalty

4. Select "Issue ticket" to complete the exchange process and issue new ticket or "Go to PNR" to save the changes into fare quote and issue new ticket later.