Penalty, Commission and other additional options

Additional options



There are 3 ways, how to collect a penalty: - on EMD - as a tax - to the Fare. No penalty option is set as a default.


There are 3 ways, how to enter commission: - as a percentage, - as an amount, - or TCP will take the commission set by the carriers in Galileo (GDS automatic). In case of private Fares, the commission has been already loaded by the carrier and therefore cannot be modified in TCP. Zero (0) percent is set as a default.

Fare basis rules warning

When the option Pricing by Fare basis is used, the system is checking, if all Fare conditions are met. If yes, “RULE VALIDATION MET” is returned by the system and you can be sure that the calculation is correct and can be used. If the Fare rules are not met, the appropriate warning message is returned by the system and shown in TCP, e.g. BOOKING CLASS FAILURE, ADVANCE PURCHASE FAILURE, ROUTING FAILURE etc. If such warning message is returned, the agent must check the Fare rule(s) and decides if to continue with the exchange/reissue, as it is on his/her responsibility.

Other options

IT/BT indicator is set automatically if the new Fare used has been distributed by the carrier as IT or BT or can be marked manually by the agent, if the new ticket should be issued with IT or BT indicator in the Fare box.

Endorsement is copied from the new Filed Fare if any or can be added or modified by the agent. Each message can be separated by dash (-). It is not possible to use asterisk (*) or slash (/). The slash from the endorsement automatically stored is changed to dash.

Tour Code is automatically added if the new Fare was loaded with Tour Code or is copied from the original ticket.