Exchange using stored fare

Using stored fare quote

Please find below the workflow of how to process an even exchange in TCP Exchange using fare quote for revised itinerary already stored in the PNR.

If there are more passengers with the same Fare and same passenger type code (PTC), you can store Filed Fare for one passenger only and the other passengers can be copied afterwards.

For exchange it is necessary to open the ticket with the OPEN status (i) and click on EXCHANGE. You cannot start with Fare Quote.

If the agent starts with Fare Quote anyway and clicks on USE FOR EXCHANGE BUTTON, a pop-up window appears with a warning message about the correct procedure for exchange.

So as explained above, it is necessary to start with the ticket, to click on (i), then to click on EXCHANGE and use the option Exchange using store fare quote.

Once you click on EXCHANGE, an option can be selected:

Only now you can click on FARE QUOTE (i) and then on PROCESS:

Now you can continue as always.

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