Involuntary changes

Please find below the workflow of how to process an involuntary change in TCP Exchange.

Changed itinerary an AF flight PAR-SGN is cancelled and passengers are rerouted via AMS and BKK with the KL carrier. It means that instead 2 segments PRG-SGN, there are 3 segments now.

Open a PNR in TCP Exchange

Expand the ticket


The option Involuntary changes should be selected. No pricing is used, TCP Exchange copys all data from the original ticket.

Once you select Involuntary, the changes mask appears:

Because the routing has been changed, you must specify from which coupon the data is to be copied for the first, second, and third segment.

That is, the data from the first coupon should be copied to the first segment and the data from the second coupon should be copied to the second and third segment.

Fare calculation and taxes are copied

When the option Involuntary changes is selected, the code SKCHG is automatically added at the beginning of the Endorsement message and you can enter the reason just after the code. The original Endorsement message is moving to the right. At the same time, the letter S is also automatically added at the beginning of the Fare calculation. This is according to IATA resolution 735.

If you have received different requirements from the carrier, you can turn off the switch and continue according to the airline instructions.

Comparison table

There will be no additional collection or refund because the Fare calculation, the Fare and all taxes are copied from the original ticket.

The rest of the procedure is the same as for the other examples.

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