Document issuance

It is recommended to review how masks are stored in the PNR by clicking on >i< in each FARE QUOTE table.

Here you can review masks stored in the PNR.

Documents to be issued


Tickets and EMDs that are to be issued can be displayed here.

Last check before ticketing

Here you must confirm that you have reviewed all ticketing masks stored in the PNR.

Print modifiers

Documents to be printed on the itinerary printer. It represents DTD / DID / DAD / DTDID / DTDAD commands. TKP is always used. In this case, the itinerary is printed and MIR are generated as well. If you do not want to print for example the itinerary, you can switch off the appropriate bulb.

Additional options

This field can be used for ticket modifiers, eg. in case of net remit (NF/NR etc.)

After the documents are issued, TCP Exchange moves to the top of the PNR. Anytime you need to add or correct some data necessary for pricing or ticketing, you can click on the arrow with record locator placed on the top of the page and TCP Exchange will return one step back.

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