Modification in Comparison table

There can be situation when taxes will be lower in new calculation thus you may want them to be refunded. In same cases you may need to add new tax. Below are few examples how to modify information in comparison table.

TAX Refund

New ZO tax is lower, and the difference can be refunded, therefore the relevant switch in “Do refund” column is switched on. Please note that the refunded tax ZO cannot be used to partly compensate the difference in YQ tax which must be additionally paid in the whole amount.


"ADD FQ TAX button is used in order to enter new tax which is not returned by the system.

The tax code and the amount can be entered now. The amount must be confirmed by clicking on the ”Please confirm your input” field.

The amount must be confirmed by clicking on the ”Please confirm your input” field.

Modify TAX difference

When there is a need to collect higher tax difference than calculated by the system (in this example YQ CZK 85), the original amounts are crossed out and new ADC amount is calculated (CZK 290).

Penalty as a TAX

Penalty collected as a tax DU is shown in the Comparison table under taxes as well.

Original Fare non refundable, new fare lower value

New Fare is lower, but because the original Fare is non refundable, the residual value is not refunded (the switch is not switched on and shouldn’t be changed manually).

Example of Comparison table

2 taxes are additionally collected – AY and XF (+292) 2 taxes are refunded (-907), there is ADC for Fare (+468). The ADC for Fare can be compensated by the tax refund (907- 468 = 439), it means that the refund is CZK 439. The refunded amount cannot compensate the ADC for taxes, which must be paid every time. It means the new ticket will be issued with ADC of CZK 292 and EMD for refundable balance of CZK 439.