Select the exchange option

After you click on EXCHANGE, TCP Exchange will offer you 4 options:

EXCHANGE OPTION – you need to select one of 4 options based on the type of the exchange process:

Exchange using new fare quote

This option is mostly used for recalculation of the modified itinerary. The calculation is done by the Travelport+ pricing system based on the entry created by TCP Exchange according to agent’s instructions.

Exchange using stored fare quote

The Filed Fare already stored by the agent in the PNR can be used for the exchange in TCP Exchange. This option cannot be used for reissue after departure, when already flown segments are still shown in the active part of the PNR. Otherwise the new ticket will not be reissued correctly!!!

Involuntary changes

This option can be used for any schedule changes or involuntary rerouting. No recalculation is done, but all ticketing data is copied from the original ticket.

Manual mask

There is a possibility to create a manual mask and to enter all ticketing data manually without knowing cryptic entries.

The agent should select one of the above options to determine how to procede with the exchange.

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