TCP Exchange

Penalty collected on EMD

RFI code
D used for fees and charges (financial impact) is automatically added.
RFI subcode
For example 992 or that one required by the carrier for penalty is
automatically added.
FEE description
Free text – the default can be modified by the agent.
Type and Amount are used in case a tax is applied to the penalty. It is used in some countries where VAT (value added tax) for penalty must be calculated. When the VAT is not collected, these boxes are not used.
Action on EMD issue
Print locally or Sent to email. EMD can be printed locally on the itinerary printer or sent via email. If the email address has not been entered in the MT element before, it can be added at this stage.
Local currency is added automatically and can be changed to EUR or USD if
Penalty amount in local currency.
Payment type for EMD
Cash, Invoice, Card or Other.
Card code (VI, CA, AX etc.) is automatically added by TCP Exchange. It is necessary to enter a card number and expiration date. The approval code is optional.
The SVC element is automatically created by TCP Exchange and added to the PNR:
When EMD for a specific carrier has not been activated for your market yet, EMD will not be issued.