FQP used with TCP

Example where FQP assistant should be used in combination with TCP

Reissue after departure in new PNR (original PNR is past date and cannot be used) – manual mask – option 4

Original ticket:

New PNR without original ticket:

Fare display:

Fare RULE – Category 16:

Procedure in TCP:

As the original ticket is not included in new PNR, the ticket must be loaded there first.

It is not possible to use “Exchange using new fare quote” option because there is no history related to flown segments in this PNR (new PNR created) and therefore FQ.T20JUL22 cannot be used à you will received either Fare calculation for OW Fare CHI-PRG or NO VALID FARES.

Therefore, new Fare calculation for the whole journey from the origin must be required using FQP assistant.

Manual mask should be used and new Fare calculation displayed by FQP Assistant must be entered manually.

You can refund a part of RA tax, because return travel is via VIE and Austrian taxes AT and ZY must be collected.

In this case new ticket is not issued immediately but the masks are stored in PNR.

Filed Fare mask stored in PNR – EMD for refundable balance will be issued and must be refunded afterwards:

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