Informative pricing

If you would like to receive new Fare calculation for information purposes only, it is necessary to create new segments in TCP. Informative segment(s) are not stored in PNR but can be booked by TCP upon your confirmation.

Original ticket
Original itinerary

Passenger would like to travel 16MAR from PRG to CDG, but he is not decided yet. He would like to know, if the Fare would be the same and only penalty to be collected. It is possible to book new segment(s) here in TCP and if the change is agreed by the passenger to confirm it and remove the original segment(s).

The first step is to click on EDIT button and then on ADD button.

You can enter the new date, origin and destination, carrier and optionally via Point.

Availability will be displayed

You can select the flight and booking class by clicking on the number of seats and confirm your choice afterwards

Here you can see 2 original segments from PNR and new informative segment. Click on DONE button for confirmation. The other buttons (ADD, REMOVE, CHECK ALL) are for the informative segments only.

Follow the classic procedure. Select the segments for new Fare calculation.

If the passenger agrees with additional collection, you can confirm informative segment(s), which will be booked at this time.

You can also cancel the unused segment(s). It is necessary to tick the check box for segment to be removed and click on REMOVE button.

Segment must be selected and REMOVE button must be confirmed once again and ticket can be issued.

PNR has been changed, new segment added, original segment cancelled.