TCP Exchange
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Add PCC to TCP account

  1. 1.
    Select Settings to add at least one PCC to the TCP account.

2. Add a new PCC:

3. Click NEXT and Create a PNR in your PCC.

How to create PNR - see the step-by-step instruction below
  • Create a PNR in your PCC with the passenger name shown in Settings and enter the booking record locator (PNR) and PCC in the appropriate fields.
  • Click NEXT and open the PNR again in Travelport Smartpoint. Enter the confirmation number shown in the NOTE (NP.) to the appropriate field.
  • Click on NEXT to complete the registration.
  • Click on FINISH to complete the registration.

Adding PRT/MIR GTIDs to Organization Settings

  • Complete the linkage used in your PCC – use the HMLD entry in Travelport+ to see your linkage.
Enter Ticketing printer GTID, Itinerary printer GTID and MIR printer GTID (if applicable) and click on SAVE.
  • Click on SAVE to complete GTIDs settings
If your market settings does not require PRT GTID to be set please enable "Skip Ticketing printer check"