Add PCC to TCP account

  1. Select Settings section to add at least one PCC to TCP account.

2. Add new PCC

3. Click NEXT and Create PNR in your PCC.

How to create PNR - see the instruction step by step below

  • Create PNR in your PCC with the passenger name shown in Settings and enter booking record locator (PNR) and PCC in the appropriate fields.

  • Click NEXT and open PNR again in Travelport Smartpoint. Enter the confirmation number shown in the NOTE (NP.) to the appropriate field.

  • Complete the linkage used in your PCC – use entry HMLD in Galileo to see your linkage.

Enter Ticketing printer GTID, Itinerary printer GTID and MIR printer GTID (if applicable) and click SAVE button.

  • Click at “FINISH” button to complete the registration.